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Infrastructure & Technology

The credit for our success goes to our dedicated and diligent work force, coupled with a highly strong and sound infrastructure. Our factories have their own inbuilt stores for Military Garments which enables them to handle all necessary details required to complete one particular order at a time. Our production facilities are totally integrated to facilitate all the process involved in manufacturing in-house. Our Production systems are highly organized, to the last detail. Each of the manufacturing unit is specialized, product-wise. State-of-the-art machines enhance productivity and maintain consistent quality standards.

The People

Technology enables rapid flow of data and also our capacity to afford latest technology in production strengthens us as an organization. However, it is only with the capacity of competent personnel that the data is converted into indispensable information. Our greatest strength lays in our workforce whose ability and dedication enables optimum utilization of resources.


The company maintains computerized records of the production which includes item range, delivery period and service offered by a particular vendor. Based on the scrutiny of these records, evolution of past performance is done with regard to:The quality of the product supplied.Time schedules maintained.The adherence of the vendor on the directives issued at the time of entering the contract/order.
This helps the organization and its clients to proceed safely and efficiently in an ever-changing market which essentially require rapid introduction of new products/latest technology/latest machinery.


We derive great pleasure in developing quality as per requirements of our buyers. Nominal changes are changed for sampling. We try to develop the sample within One week for completing the whole process. We can develop any colors from Pantone book or as per the customer's colors standards.Thanks to the wide product portfolio, the company has a strong customer base all over India and is motivated towards widening the market further overseas.

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